We helped elect GA’s first latina District Attorney, Deborah Gonzalez, and now we’re fighting to win Georgia’s 2 Senate runoffs for Democrats. We plan to knock on 27,832 doors in Athens!

In Athens, Georgia, a group of community leaders, led by Commissioners Russell Edwards, Mariah Parker, Tim Denson, and State Representative Spencer Frye have put together a plan to win TWO runoff elections for Democrats. Knock on 27,832 doors in NE Georgia.

The Athens Progressive Canvassing Corps, a project of the Athens-Clarke County Democrats, will train and recruit hundreds of local residents to knock on over 27,832 doors all across Athens.

We will deliver down-ballot Democratic victories in the upcoming elections while fostering organizing skills among residents who are underrepresented in politics and negatively impacted financially by the pandemic.

Donate to support Democrats in the Georgia Senate Runoffs!

Your money will go towards training new canvassers dedicated to Democratic victory in Georgia. Together, we can take back the US Senate AND ensure Democratic wins in the future.